Sky Power Blog Post #4 – BOO Moon! Trick or Treat?

Halloween, the BOO! (Blue) Moon, the Sun & those Bright Dots in the Sky . . . Halloween is one of four “cross-quarter days” of the year:  approximately mid-way between an equinox and a solstice.  (Imagine the solstices as 12 and 6 — December and June — on a clock face.  Then the equinoxes are • Read More »

Sky Power Blog Post #6 — Venus Day

[ You may have seen my earlier blog-ravings about “cross-quarter days”, and except for a couple of NEW illustrations and analogies in this best-yet XQ rave, the following’s the same old stuff — but stay tuned!, for farther below, the NEXT part:  EXCITING SKY HAPPENINGS coming up VERY SOON now!  *** ] As we approach May Day (about three months since Ground • Read More »

Universe: The Greatest Astronomical Discovery of All Time Play in new window | Download (Duration: 54:00 — 49.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS | MoreAstrophysicist Martin Gaskell discusses—at virtually the same time as its publication to the word—what has been called the “greatest astronomical discovery of all time.” The conversation ranges from science to intriguing notes on spirituality. Dr. • Read More »

Sky Power Blog Post #2—The “SLANTY RAYS” are HERE again !

Normally (since early post-college days still living back east), I’d typically just suddenly notice this right around August 11 (Perseid meteor time!), but as I get older it’s “hitting” me sooner, it seems. These “slanty rays” seem to be somehow related to a long-term biorhythmic thing, where a combination of time-of-day and angle-of-sunlight registers as a rather direct perception of time-of-year.  … ( + Only • Read More »

Sky Power Blog Post #1 — Summer Solstice 2020

Post #1 — Summer Solstice 2020 We could all use a little “cosmic relief” now and then — especially these days!  … So, here‘s some for you.  ….. TODAY (Sat.,6/20), at 2:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time — our hero “Mr. Sun” will be directly overhead for some lucky fish (or maybe boat) in the ocean • Read More »