Micro-Hydro Power Guru Don Harris – PW070

hydroelectric pumpEver thought of making your own electricity in a nearby stream? We’ll talk with Don Harris, world-class guru on micro-hydropower and inventor of the Harris Hydroelectric Permanent Magnet Turbine about his experiences with these low-cost, high-return devices. Don lives up in the hills in the off-grid community of “Last Chance”, north of Santa Cruz, but his electric power generating systems have been installed at small stream sites all over the world.

Original Air date: April 9, 2017 on KSCO radio station AM1080

micro waterwheel


2 comments on “Micro-Hydro Power Guru Don Harris – PW070

  1. Antonio Vallejo says:

    Im interested in using 12’ of Headheight while using one or possibly two nozzles is that an acceptable height?

    • planetwatch says:

      Thanks, Antonio! Don Harris (our interviewee on that show) is the expert, so I’ll try to put you directly in touch with him. That might have to be by phone, ‘cuz Don doesn’t do much of the computer-electronic stuff (except maybe occasionally FaceBook). I’ll e-mail you later this evening or tomorrow (Thurs.4/29), to keep phone numbers (yours and Don’s) private. — Joe J.

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