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You are invited to become a Patreon Planet Watch Supporter.

Since our inception we have produced over 80 one-hour shows that explore everything from solar and wind energy to micro-hydro power to ice and personal rapid transit, and we’ve talked with scientists at the cutting edge of climate research, oceans and fisheries, and even bees, all with the aim of celebrating our wonderful planet and saving it from plunder.

We’re excited to expand the show from a weekly one-hour radio program to a podcast, and that is why we’re turning to you, our loyal listeners, and inviting you to support us on Patreon. This is a platform that lets creative people like us connect with listeners and supporters like you. In fact, a listener who wanted to donate to our show suggested we set this page up.

What will your dollars be supporting? Starting with upgrading our recording equipment, to paying for time to book ever more awesome guests, this supports the overall production and expansion of the show, from live and archived on line to podcasts which automatically download to the device of your choice.

We will offer you some wonderful rewards, including input on our weekly science quiz, shout outs on the air, suggest guests, and even an in-person star-gazing or physics in nature experience hosted by our own “Cosmic” Joe Jordan. Keep in mind, you can cancel your monthly patronage at any time, ideally at the end of the month of receiving rewards, so for the “one-off” events like singalongs and star parties, just choose that item, and once the month and the reward has been completed, you can stop payment easily if you want to.

Thank you so much for believing that the world is saveable, one listener at a time!