Climate Restoration: Pipe Dream or Survival Strategy?-PW062

Peter Fiekowsky is an entrepreneur committed to leaving a world we’re proud of for our  children.  He is a founder of initiatives in climate restoration: 300×  and Healthy Climate Alliance. Founder and president of AVI LLC. Board  member of Repower Capital Inc. MIT physicist with 27 patents.

Peter is an expert at identifying  and specifying intended outcomes so that pathways to success are  quickly identified and effective, committed teams are assembled that  achieve them. He connects experts and organizations that can contribute  to major initiatives from a variety of angles, and he supports them in  working collaboratively and constructively towards common goals.

Peter’s current focus is on restoring a healthy climate for our children. 300×  provides links between potential funders and climate restoration  practitioners, facilitating funding that allows climate restoration work  to be scaled up. The Healthy Climate Alliance serves as a hub to  connect and support nine key communities–notably faith and spiritual  communities, policy and government, and science and research–allowing  them to enable each other’s progress towards restoring a healthy  climate.

While some would say his ideas are overly optimistic, others say we can’t hope to fix things if we don’t start now and try everything that bears promise for turning around our march toward a hot earth.

One comment on “Climate Restoration: Pipe Dream or Survival Strategy?-PW062

  1. Terry Spahr says:

    Hi Rachel and Joe
    I listened to this podacast. It was very interesting and informative. I am on a list serve with Peter and get to read the groups comments as well.
    I also appreciate your discussion toward the end of the podcast on the impact of our numbers.
    The overpopulation conversation lost its way in the 70’s because of some of the unsavory coercive measures implemented by a handful of countries and the predictions of near term famine being not solved but only forestalled and unfortunately compounded by the Green Revolution.
    The overpopulation conversation is starting to emerge again because we are now seeing multiple environmental crises appear in numerous bio systems due to our ability to manage the capacity of feeding billions more.
    Our upcoming documentary that will be ready for festivals in 2019 addresses the impacts of our numbers honestly and responsibly. We interview a number of environmental and population experts and weave them in with stories of people on the front line dealing with climate change and attempting to feed the billions across the globe.
    We also provide in the film solutions to overpopulation as briefly discussed on the podcast and outlined on our web site.
    Thank you again for mentioning the fundamental driver to all our environmental challenges, helping the listener connect the dots and making it more acceptable to discuss our numbers as an overall long term strategy (and frankly easiest, cheapest and with the greatest social outcomes) and path toward a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.
    Terry Spahr, Executive Producer
    8 Billion Angels Productions LLC

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