Green Skyscrapers? Tiny Changes Can Save Big Energy-PW067

What’s so green about skyscrapers? What are the top three best ways to “green them up”? How long until owners recoup their investment in green retrofits? Find out with green building guru, Barry Giles, CEO of BREEAMUSA.

Barry is the CEO of BREEAM USA and BuildingWise, as well as a LEED Fellow and a BREEAM Fellow with over 35 years in construction and facilities maintenance. He is a past member of the GBCI’s Credentialing Steering Committee and a past member of the Materials & Resources TAG and the LEED Curriculum Committee. Barry has consulted on or is currently working with 150 high performance existing buildings, along withLEED® and BREEAM® services, and has provided operations efficiency training, energy audits, and carbon footprint analysis, to government agencies, major commercial and institutional projects. As one of the founding members of the LEED-EB Core Committee, Barry assisted the USGBC’s education department in developing the LEED-EB training workshop that debuted in late 2003. A Senior LEED-EB USGBC Faculty, he has delivered all aspects of the workshop to over 5,000 individuals.USGBC Faculty are the official instructors of USGBC’s instructor-led workshops working with USGBC’s education delivery partners.

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