Earth and Mars Scientists Discuss Current Research-PW091


Chris McKay, NASA Mars Researcher, and Friederike Otto, University of Oxford climate modeller

Chris McKay PortraitScience is the focus of this week’s Planet Watch.  Senior NASA scientist Chris McKay, in the Planetary Systems Branch of NASA Ames, is an expert on the evolution of the solar system and the origins of life. Chris is also involved in planning for future Mars expeditions, including human exploration of the “Red Planet.” Chris will answer the question , “What is Enceladus?” and will share with us what the recent news about this “tortured moon of Saturn” means for the search for life beyond Planet Earth.

In our second interview this week, we talk with Dr. Fredierike Otto, a climate modeler at the University of Oxford, and director of a consortium of scientists in the UK and elsewhere who are working to find the footprint of human caused climate change in extreme weather events. In her July 2018 article in Nature International Journal of Science she predicts that weather forecasters will soon provide instant assessments of global warming’s influence on extreme events. Air Date: October 7, 2018 on KSCO radio station AM1080

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