No More Mermaid Tears-PW077

#KidsGetIt !  Today, July 1, 2018, on Planet Watch, our guest is Ruby Rorty who, at age 14, founded the Santa Cruz Environmental Alliance a youth-led organization with the goal of empowering young people as ocean defenders capable of addressing coastal plastic pollution. One of Ruby’s initiatives, #NoMoreMermaidTears , raises awareness about small pieces of glass or plastic which may comprise up to 90% of the islands of plastic now floating in the world’s oceans.

Ruby is an environmental educator and advocate from Santa Cruz, CA, where she grew up in and around the Pacific Ocean.

She has joined the international conservation community as a youth leader for EarthEcho International. Ruby is also a board member for CS3 Game Changers with the Green Sports Alliance, and a public speaker on youth, justice, and the environment at events around the world. She will attend the University of Chicago starting next fall. There, she plans to study journalism, public policy, and economics, all in the context of environmental change and sustainability. Today’s show hosted by Joe Jordan with co-hosts Tommy Martin and Maia Rodriguez. Air Date: July 1, 2018 on KSCO radio station AM1080

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