The Dirt on Climate Change: a New Film on Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change-PW087

Today’s interview is with Lois Robin, producer of The Dirt on Climate Change, a film about ecological and biological approaches to climate change. Lois has been an author, filmmaker, and environmental activist for thirty years. Her newest film takes on what we can do to enhance nature’s ability to sequester carbon through naturally occurring processes. The film features people who  practice no-till, regenerative agriculture to sequester carbon in soil and plants, and keep rain in the soil rather than letting it run off to the rivers. The film also addresses the role trees play in the carbon and water cycles, livestock management and regenerative grazing, the importance of forest regeneration, and even projects residential gardeners can take on to help sequester carbon.

In 2017, Lois accompanied her son, Daniel Robin, who spoke at the Harvard conference on Climate Reckoning, where many of the concepts explored in Lois’ film were discussed. For highlights on that conference see

For educators, there is a great deal of excellent teaching material available on this importance of cultivating healthy soil, including a NOAA webinar about the Life Lab “Kiss the Soil” Curriculum Teachers can download the curriculum   Another film beautifully illustrating the connections between healthy soil and a healthy, living planet is Symphony of Soil by Deborah Koons Garcia.

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  1. […] Daniel concurs in saying there is a dire need to invest in projects that support natural given methods of pulling carbon out of the air, such as blue carbon farming (mangroves, kelp and seagrass farms), forest restoration, and restorative agriculture. […]

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