Reduce green house gases while generating profitable products – PW003

biotech CO2 reductionBrian Sefton and Merc Martinelli of Oakbio, a “Carbon Capture and Utilization” company, are interviewed on today’s Planet Watch Radio podcast. Global emissions of carbon dioxide exceed 35 billion tons annually. These emissions are unsustainable and threaten the very habitability of our planet. Melting glaciers and ice caps, rising sea levels, unprecedented weather extremes are just some of the consequences of putting too much carbon into the atmosphere. Oakbio is doing something about this by creating technologies that transform carbon emissions from harmful waste into high value renewable products. Oakbio partners with established industrial businesses to develop low capex/opex carbon capture and utilization biofactories based on Oakbio’s core microbial metabolism and pathways technologies. Air Date: January 29, 2017 on KSCO radio station AM1080

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